Mother Elephant, Full of Gratitude, Decided To Present Her Young to the Kind People Who Saved Her Life

Elephants who are orphaned are cared for at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust sanctuary until they are ready to be released into the wild. Yatta was released back into the wild in 1999 after spending ten years in the refuge.

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Eight years later, Yatta made the decision to go see the individuals who had become like family to her. She wished to express her gratitude to everyone who had been so kind to her.
She wasn’t alone either. When Yatta brought her infant to the refuge to meet her caregivers, she caught everyone off guard. This heartfelt scene was caught on camera.
Everyone in the center was moved to tears by this sweet moment. The tiny creature was given the name Yoyo.

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Yatta has previously introduced the employees to her first child, Yetu. Bringing her infant back to the place where she had received love and care seems to be a way for her to express her trust and affection.

Family is everything to elephants. The staff was not overly surprised to witness the mother elephant introducing her new family member to the previous human family because Yatt had farmed her own family when she had returned to the wild.

Thankful mother elephant decided to introduce her baby to the kind caretakers who rescued her life 

She would always remember those great ten years when she had comfort and love at the center. Elephants frequently go back to the regions where they have been content.

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