Black Bear Cubs Eat Apples and Make Sounds That Sound “Satisfied.”

Did you know that black bears enjoy making noises as they enjoy a tasty meal?

Fruits are actually a favorite food for bears. And the bears’ home refuge made the decision to surprise them with a haul of delicious apples. The bears left an indescribable effect. They chattered sweetly while eating apples. Unbelievable! Typically, black bears don’t make any noise.

John Fusco, a writer and nature enthusiast, photographed this adorable picture. He posted this video to Twitter, stating that he had never heard the sweet sound that bears make when they are eating fruit in the description. This may be their preferred delicacy.

under our care at Bannerghatta Bear Rescue Centre (BBRC), spends

Kilham Bear Center is the name of this shelter. It is in the New Hampshire town of Lyme. Black bear cubs that are orphaned are housed here. They receive treatment and rehabilitation in this location until they are prepared to live in the wild.
They’re in capable hands. Cooing and other expressions of contentment are only natural for them, communication scientist Rae Wynn-Grant told the Los Angeles Times.

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