A Policeman Puts His Life in Danger To Help a Sick Bear Cub That Was Abandoned

Everyone is aware of the dangers of approaching a bear with cubs. A bear mom might strike if she thinks you’re a threat. Despite his own dread of his mother, the policeman decided to help the bear cub because he valued his life more than his own. The New England state is renowned for having a large population of bears. They frequently cross the street, sit in the shade, and even wander through the streets.

Police Officer Risks His Life To Save Sick Little Bear Cub Archives -  Positive Outlooks

Thomas Owens, a State Trooper from Carroll, has seen many wild animals throughout his life, so for him, seeing one in a roadway is nothing out of the ordinary. So one day he saw a mother bear and her three cubs crossing the road. At first glance, the image appeared to be normal, but suddenly something went awry. The bear returned with the cubs, crossed the road once more, and then returned a third time. He soon understood the cause: the fourth cub fell behind and was unable to catch up with the others. The cub was abandoned and became lost in the bushes.

Not only that, but the police also requested assistance from New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife. He also took a chance by helping the cub himself. He was aware of the risk if the child’s mother came back. Saving the cub didn’t take long.

Unexpectedly, the arriving aid workers discovered the fifth cub not far from the road. The rehab facility received the two cubs. They were sick and exhausted. The two siblings will spend some time in recovery before being brought back together with the family.

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