A Small Hedgehog Was Saved by a Vet, and It Changed His Life Forever

Italian-born Massimo Backetta has wanted to be a veterinarian since he was a child. But he desired to work with wild animals. He picked his work out of love. Soon love eventually dried up and turned into disappointment over time.

Veterinary Care for Exotic Pets — Why Is It So Complicated?

A small, dying hedgehog was once brought to the clinic by a woman.
Massimo felt sad about it. It weighed barely 25 grams and was absolutely small and helpless. Massimo promised to keep the baby. He fought for its life as if it were his own.

He looked after the hedgehog and gave her baby formula to eat and numerous vitamins to build her body. He named her Ninna.

Massimo adopted Ninna as a member of his family. Walking side by side, they watched movies.
Massimo, though, understood that the wild animal should be allowed to live in the wild. He gave her to an animal shelter. Massimo discovered his mission with the help of Ninna. He built a shelter for animals with spiny coats.

Near the animal shelter, Massimo made the decision to establish a first aid center for wild animals. He felt important and helpful to someone for the first time in his life.

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