A White Whale Saves a Diver Who Is Dying in an Icy Pool!

A diving competition was staged in the sizable Polar Land pool in the Chinese city of Harbin. There are also rumored to be beluga whales there.
Without using any breathing apparatus, the participants had to plunge to the bottom of a six-meter-deep pool of frigid Arctic water and hold their breath for as long as they could.

Yan Yun was an opponent. The 26-year-old woman successfully completed the dive, and as she prepared to ascend to the top, she became aware that she was nearly paralyzed. The cold had made her arms and legs utterly numb.
Yan Yun recalls how, as she began to suffocate and fell ever lower, something suddenly attempted to lift her.

Mila, a beluga, was the resident of this pool. Beluga hurried to help the girl after realizing something had happened. Mila used her nose to gently try to pull the small girl out of the water. Before pushing Yang out of the water, the animal carefully grabbed the girl’s legs in her teeth and turned her over.
Belugas frequently attempt to spit at people behind glass. Scientists still don’t fully comprehend why they behave in this way. Given that they are accustomed to blowing sand from crustaceans on the seabed.

When they witnessed the whale trying to lift the girl from the bottom of the pool while holding her by the legs, the competition’s organizers were in awe.

Mila is a very intelligent animal, according to her trainer, and she is excellent at speaking to people.
One of the earliest cetaceans to interact with humans was the beluga whale. The most astounding aspect is that belugas can grin due to the unique anatomy of their facial muscles.

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