Without Hesitation, a Yorkie Puppy “Attacks” an Infant

We parents go above and beyond to show our children love and care.Additionally, we go above and beyond to protect them. Protecting children is a significant duty, especially in today’s world.
Dogs are one thing in particular that parents need to be on the lookout for. Many people are friendly, yet some aren’t. If you have a young child, it is critical that you ensure that he or she is never in danger.

Baby Attacked by Yorkie Puppy.. [Video]


A Yorkie appears while one of the parents records the boy. The dog appears to be very interested in this tiny person, as is evident from his appearance. This hairy creature quickly moves over to the baby’s blanket.

The child, however, is not paying attention to the Yorkie as it lies down on the blanket. The puppy creeps up on her in a stealthy manner. She briefly stands next to the infant.
This cute puppy circles around the toddler, smelling as she goes, rather than jumping on him. It is clear that what she really wants is some of his attention.

Yorkie puppy attacks baby with no remorse


This infant is so enamored with the puppy that he extends his slender arms toward her as though he wants to cuddle up to her. The puppy, however, had another idea. She opted to give the boy many wet dog kisses instead.
He finally has the opportunity to pet her at that point. The best thing is that the young boy never stops laughing.
The puppy can’t help herself now that she’s gotten her wish. She is all over the infant, including his shoulders and back. This adorable toddler can only giggle, though.

Baby plays innocently in the park, when suddenly, a Yorkie “attacks”!


This adorable baby can only giggle, though. With his new pal, he is having the time of his life.

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