Unusual Pygmy Whales Wash Up on the Shore. After That, Bystanders Jumped In to Rescue Its Life

Nine people in Namibia showed their love for animals on Valentine’s Day by saving a beached pygmy right whale. This courageous group included Namibian Dolphin Project employees as well as tourists from France and Switzerland. Together, they succeeded in saving the endangered whale and returning her to the water, where she belonged.

Rare pygmy sperm whale washes up on Sonoma Coast beach


The poor whale was discovered unconscious and covered in wounds by the rescuers.They moistened her skin with damp linens before starting the lengthy, painstaking process of lowering her back into the water.
Onto a tarp, the whale was cautiously hauled by the rescuers. They then slowly towed the whale toward the water, pausing every few seconds to check on her condition.

Incredible moment 63st pregnant whale is saved after washing up on beach -  World News - Mirror OnlineThe whale replied by moving her dorsal fin up and down when they sprayed water at her once they were in the water. The cat was exhibiting signs of life, which made the rescuers grin.
One of the rescuers said, “She’s delighted!” as they all watched the whale lower her head.

The rescuers hauled the whale  out of the shallows and into deeper water. The pygmy right whale entered the water.


Pygmy Sperm Whale | Irish Whale and Dolphin Group

She was followed by the rescuers, who pointed and laughed. The whale’s safety and independence in the water brought about a collective sigh of relief. Before returning to the beach to celebrate the successful rescue, the rescuers kept an eye on her for a few more minutes.


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