A Man Swims in the Ocean With Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are swimmers by nature. The canines have a unique coat that dries fast and keeps them warm in cold water. Also, the majority of golden retrievers truly adore having the opportunity to swim in the pool!

Golden puppies swimming for the first time : r/aww

A Thai man’s twelve boisterous golden retrievers adore swimming so much that he frequently brings them in with him.His pack needs exercise, and swimming is the best way to get it. A funny video can be made of the golden retrievers’ antics in the water.

Golden puppies swimming for the first time : r/aww
The pack of twelve can be seen having a blast swimming with their owner in this adorable video. While barking and playing with one another, the dogs follow their owner about. The owner of the dogs gently corrects them when they become a little too loud.

Man Gets Chased By Mob ... Of Golden Retrievers - The Dodo

All the puppies and their owner take a break under a wooden pier when they start to get a little fatigued, and their owner makes sure that everyone is still together.


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