Woman Discovers a “Lost” Dog in a Park, Cuddling With a Lonely Stranger

Blue describes himself as “just a cheerful little rescue mutt named Blue” on his TikTok page.

Blue’s passion for assisting others and making them smile is what makes him so content and devoted.
When he wandered off one day at the dog park, his mother discovered him comforting a lonely guy.

Woman Finds Her 'Lost' Dog Cuddling With A Stranger At The Park - The DodoAugust D., Blue’s mother, claims that when in the dog park, her dog usually connects with other dogs.
Blue also constantly remains in view, allowing his mother to watch over him. But that wasn’t the case on this particular day at the park. Blue had more important things to do than play. There was someone in that park who needed him.

“In the park with all the other dogs, I almost lost sight of him,” Augusta said.

Fortunately, he didn’t go too far. He moved aside and made the decision to stop playing to assist a different person, who appeared to be sad and lonely. Blue noticed a lonely man sitting on a bench. Blue felt that the man was in need of a friend.

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He then approached the man and sat down at his feet.
After searching the park, Augusta discovered him making love to the man sitting on the bench. She recorded the man gently patting Blue and giving him a few good boy pats.

Woman finds 'lost' dog at park cuddling with stranger who needed extra love
Our dogs are excellent emotional support animals for a variety of reasons, and this is just one of them. The man appeared to be overjoyed to have met Blue and to have someone to chat with for a while.

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