In a Desperate Attempt to Gain the Trust of the Rescued Llama, the Man Plays the “Hard to Get” Role

Beginning an animal sanctuary where animals can live in peace and receive protection has always been Lee’s goal.
Finally, he has realized his dream.

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Lee, who is based in Estacada, Oregon, travels to 49 states to encourage the adoption of dogs and to rescue unwanted, abandoned animals.
Then he brings them to the Asher House, his residence. A llama is one of the animals he recently saved. His previous owners were unable to care for him any longer. He was scheduled to be sold at a livestock auction, but Lee was able to save him before it started.

Although Lee was glad to have saved the llama Franky, he was also aware that it would take a lot of effort to win back Frank’s faith in people.

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Lee remembered, “I really simply started slow, inching my way closer and closer to him every single day, letting him know that I wasn’t a threat. The most important thing, though, was showing him patience.”
Lee gave Franky the room he needed to acclimate to his new surroundings and his new way of life. Lee is aware that Franky has it difficult.
He’d just left a home that had sold him and had abandoned him, not caring what happened to him. Despite the fact that animals cannot communicate like humans do, they are nonetheless living things with feelings.

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Lee was aware that Franky needed a companion. However, there were no more llamas available for adoption. Lee learned that llamas and donkeys get along well, so he needn’t worry.

Franky and the two donkeys became best friends after Lee discovered two animals in need of rescue.

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