Cat Waits Patiently at the Door in the Rain for the Owner To Let Him in Before a Kind Policeman Helps Him

Larry the cat has lived at 10 Downing Street since 2011. When he was Prime Minister David Cameron, he was given the title “Chief Mouse Catcher.”He came from a shelter and was adopted. Mice were a problem in the prime minister’s house. They needed help catching them.
He came highly recommended by the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home because of his skill at catching mice.

Cat patiently waits outside door in rain for owner to let him in so kind  officer comes to his aid

Larry the cat relocated to 10 Downing Street in 2011. He was adopted from a shelter and appointed top mousecatcher under the leadership of Prime Minister David Cameron. Mice were everywhere in the prime minister’s house, and they needed to be caught.
The Battersea Dogs and Cats Home chose him because he could catch mice.

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He strolls around the property. He welcomes visitors and assists with security duties at the Prime Minister’s Residence.
Larry wants to stay indoors while it’s pouring. The lack of a cat door at the main entry is the issue. Larry will have to wait for someone to open the door so he can get back inside.
But on this particular day, it pays to get along with the officers who are securing the house.
The on-duty policeman observed Larry waiting outside for the door to be opened. However, there were no visitors present. It was unclear when the people inside would become aware that Larry was outdoors in the rain.

Larry the Downing St cat in-or-out drama |

The policeman rapped on the door.
Immediately, the door opened, allowing Larry to enter due to the on-duty policeman.
Larry is already a senior cat at the age of 15. Despite not being as excellent a hunter as he once was, he is still in fantastic shape. Nowadays, he prefers to relax on the furniture and take pictures.

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