A Beautiful Baby Chick Receives Belly Rubs “Like a Puppy.”

Farm animals include chickens and chicks. People frequently picture them frolicking in lush grass or laying eggs in a chicken coop. On the other hand, some individuals adore owning chickens and chicks as pets.
This is due to the fact that keeping a chick as a pet is both affordable and advantageous.

Adorable baby chick gets belly rubs ‘like a puppy’


The young chick in the picture is about a month old. The owner is shown gently securing the chick with one hand while massaging its belly with the tip of the other.

Delightful baby chick loves getting belly rubs just like a puppy – Madly Odd!

At first, the chick is not having any of it. It gets up and makes an effort to run away from the owner. The owner swiftly retrieves the chick and takes possession of it once more.
The owner is still massaging the chick’s belly, as it is currently lying on its back. Additionally, the chick is no longer being kept in the owner’s palm as it gently slides into the grass.

My friend's new baby chick, after a belly rub. : r/aww
The chicken’s owner keeps petting its belly.The owner continues to touch the chick’s belly while it appears to be sound asleep for a long time.
The chick’s eyes slowly start to open up again after a short while.
For a moment, it appears confused and lost as the owner laughs in the background.

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