Self-care Items Worth $18,000 Were Given to Animal Shelter Staff Members

Bryan Tsiliacos  is now working toward a particularly altruistic life goal. He wants to carry out 30 acts of kindness for critical workers before he turns 30.
His most recent good deed involved giving 118 care packages to animal rescue staff members.
Bryan physically packaged and delivered the boxes to regional groups like the San Francisco SPCA and SF Animal Care and Control after raising $18,000.

This deed was all the more unexpected and appreciative. So few people think about the human employees who make it all possible.
The SFSPCA’s Riley Smith, an animal trainer, said, “It is very lovely to see.” In the four years I’ve been here, nothing similar to this has occurred.

The boxes include self-care supplies like wholesome snacks and toiletries. Bryan discovered the strain of working with animals in a shelter after learning that those who work in shelters are five times more likely to experience PTSD.

Working with abandoned or mistreated animals will cause some emotional stress, according to Bryan. Nobody enjoys seeing a wonderful puppy that has to wait four months before finding a home. Virginia Donohue remarked, “You get pretty tired of that.”

UPDATED 3/30/20: Important COVID-19 information for animal shelters »  Shelter Medicine Program » College of Veterinary Medicine » University of  Florida

Bryan will apparently be 30 in February. Let’s hope his further acts of kindness have the same impact. He claimed that his most recent donation was to the staff at the shelter.

He told KRON, “It’s really great for them to know that others in the community are truly thinking about them.”

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