Baby Elephant Sweetly Thanks the Woman Who Helped Him Get Out of the Mud

After helping in the rescue of a newborn elephant that had become stuck in the mud, a courageous woman is being hailed as a hero.
An infant elephant that was agonizingly stranded on the side of a road was saved by a woman.


In the YouTube video, the baby elephant looks to be trying to get away from the mud that has amassed on the side of the road. The elephant, Suphansa, became stranded after leaving the sanctuary where he resided and wandering off.


A helpful woman steps in to help him and demonstrates how to lift one leg, then the other. The elephant had to work a little to escape the muck, but when he did, he was thrilled and pleased. Even its trunk is extended as a sign of gratitude for the helpful human. It unmistakably appeared to be an act of profound gratitude.


The kindest and smartest species of animal is the elephant.
They develop close relationships with their family and friends, which include both elephants and humans.

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