An Unhappy Elephant Travels 15 Kilometers To Tell His Keeper Goodbye

For nearly 60 years, Damodaran Nair, popularly known as Omanchetan in his village, cared for defenseless elephants.

Elephant pays final respects to trainer with salute of its trunk after walking  15 miles to see body | Daily Mail Online

He adored the enormous elephants, but he had a unique bond with Brahmadathan in particular. He found his soulmate in the elephant.
The good-hearted man sadly went away at the age of 74.

 Heartbroken elephant walks 15 miles to say final goodbye to his keeper

The most heartbreaking aspect was that Damodaran desperately wanted to visit his best friend but was unable to fulfill his goal.

Elephant turns up to rider's funeral after walking 15 miles to say  emotional goodbye - World News - Mirror Online

The most heartwarming part was that his adored wife attended his burial and cried among the others.

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