A Couple Was Forced To Adopt Two Devoted Cats Because They Couldn’t Survive Apart

Love knows no bounds, as seen by the devoted cat duo Luna and Louise. Loving couples ought to coexist in their home and spend no time apart.

They met at the STAR Shelter in Gainesville, Florida. Louise initially had no desire to get along with Luna. But soon they couldn’t be separated. They played together all day, shared a bed, and cuddled whenever they saw each other.

A beautiful couple came to adopt a cat one day. They wanted to adopt Luna because they liked her so much, but Louise stood in their way. He clung to Luna and refused to let anyone take her.The two devoted cats succeeded in their goal. The couple traveled with them.

Even though they chose to temporarily house Louise in their home until Luna acclimates, they later realized that separating the in-love couple would be cruel. They therefore kept them together and cousexisted peacefully.

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