After being rejected by her owner, a dog walks 125 miles back to him with tears in her eyes

Dogs are the most faithful animals there are. They were renowned for being loyal. This devoted dog demonstrates it by attempting to go home to his owner despite the latter’s denial.
This loving dog made the 125-mile journey to his owner in tears. Additionally, the women who were at his feet cruelly treated him. That didn’t stop him, though. Maru, a bullmastiff, ran through wolf- and brown bear-infested forests in Russia..

Loyal dog walks 125 miles 'with tears in her eyes' back home to owner who rejected  her | The Sun

Maru was returned to his hometown via the Trans-Siberian railway. When her family in Krasnoyarsk learned that she was allergic to Maru, their beloved one-year-old puppy, they made the decision that Maru was no longer required. This is when her ordeal began. But when the train returning him to his home country stopped at a distant station close to Achinsk, the innocent and obedient Maru was able to escape.

Loyal dog walks 125 miles 'with tears in her eyes' back home to owner who rejected  her | The Sun

Maru went to her owner, who had left her after noticing that she had boarded the train with her paws. The owner of the bullmastiff’s kennel started looking for him and posted a request for assistance on social media..

She found the puppy in a neighboring industrial area three and a half days later, weary and hurt.

Alla noticed that the rejected dog seemed to be crying. She had traveled 125 kilometers over the Trans-Siberian Railroad and through the wilderness.

Dog Walks 125 Miles With 'Tears In Her Eyes' To Find Owner Who Abandoned Her  - UNILAD

Alla was astounded by the dog’s navigational abilities, but she was confident she would reach her old house. She thinks dogs have a great deal of loyalty to their owners.
Maru was brought to Novosibirsk for medical treatment because of her injuries.

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