Each Time the Giant Elephant’s Caregiver Sings, the Animal Falls Asleep

Thailand would not be Thailand without its renowned and magnificent elephants.

This incident took place at one of Thailand’s wildlife refuges.
At the Elephant Nature Park, a worker by the name of Lek had a unique practice for elephant slumber. Faami, a huge elephant, enjoyed dozing off to lullabies.

Elephant Falls Asleep Every Time Caretaker Sings Her Lullaby
The enormous elephant was helped to sleep by the nice woman, Lek. In the video below, you can see how the woman approached the elephant while singing a lullaby and used a cloth to bat insects off of it. Working for humans and carrying heavy loads caused great suffering to elephants in Thailand.

Elephant Falls Asleep Whenever Her Caretaker Sings Her A Lullaby - Kingdoms  TV

She also made it easier for the sanctuary’s delicate animals to live comfortably and to sleep peacefully.

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