A 5-week-old puppy, crying and covered in worms, was discovered abandoned in a plastic bag

The staff at “Dog Rescue Coolronan” discover Bobby, a pitiful 5-week-old puppy who is malnourished and weak.

Bobby was left to rot in the bushes after being wrapped in a plastic bag and coated in worms. He was famished and choked, and wails for his mother filled the air.
When Bobby was first brought to the veterinarian, his outlook for survival was uncertain. Bobby was in severe need of his mother’s nursing due to his frail back legs.

Tiny puppy is abandoned in bag until rescuers find him crying and covered in worms

Bobby’s health significantly improved after a week.
He has a strong appetite and doesn’t appear to be losing weight. Every person he meets, according to the shelter, he develops a special bond with.
In a short amount of time, Bobby received over 600 adoption requests as a result of how adorable he was. But because of his unbreakable bond with the adorable youngster, Chris has announced that he will be adopting Bobby himself.

Tiny Dog With Cutest Face Rescued From Plastic Bag - The DodoHe thinks that Bobby’s abandonment story would help spread awareness about animal cruelty. We’re happy you two connected!

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