From a Bird Cage, a Puppy Receives Loving Family 

A report was made to the dog shelter in Mladenovac, Serbia, concerning a small puppy that was being kept in a bird cage in someone’s yard. The puppy, who was one month old, and a filthy water bowl were kept inside the bird cage, which was put up outside.
The puppy started crying and wagging her tail as soon as she saw her rescuers.

When Milan from the dog rescue shelter knocked on the puppy’s door to ask the owners a question, no one answered. Milan shook his head in shock that the puppy was being kept in such an unsecured, outside environment while crated.

He removed the puppy from her cage and brought her back to his shelter because he could not allow her to live in such conditions.

Sad puppy in shelter behind fence waiting to be rescued and adopted to new  home. Shelter for animals concept Stock Photo - Alamy

It’s unclear whether the homeowners were informed before or after the video was taken. If animal control authorities were informed about the evacuation of the puppy prior to this footage. One of Serbia’s few nonprofit, no-kill animal shelters, Dog Rescue Shelter, has been operating in the nation since 2007.

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