A Kind Woman Spends Six Hours Carrying a 55-Pound Injured and Abandoned Puppy on Her Shoulders

Tia, a compassionate single mother and hiker in the mountains, was with her father when they came upon the frightened dog on the rocks.

The unfortunate canine was immobile due to a severe wound. The woman and her father were unable to leave the helpless puppy there. So the compassionate woman picked her up and carried her roughly six kilometers.

The woman couldn’t do her heroic deed if she lacked strong resolve and significant power. However, she spent six hours carrying the 55-pound dog. She was obviously exhausted because the path was so long. She did, however, take brief rests where she would lie on the rocks with Boomer the dog on her stomach.

Despite these challenges, the woman was able to save the dog and eventually became his closest companion. Boomer is now healthy and content with his new family.

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