Unexpectedly, a woman jumps the zoo fence to approach an African lion

African lions have a den at the Bronx Zoo. Visitors have the chance to see these magnificent animals in a setting that is both safe and natural.
Zoo visitor John Rubbo told CBS New York, “At this exhibit, there are low walls, so you want to get close enough to see what’s going on, but you don’t want to have these high fences in front of all the exhibits.” “It makes the zoo less enjoyable.”

Woman inexplicably jumps zoo fence to get up close with African lion

However, one visitor made the bizarre decision to enter the enclosure by jumping the fence because of the low walls, exposing herself to the large jungle cats.

On September 28, the woman posted videos of her prank to Instagram, clearly proud of her “fearless” deed.

“It’s amusing because you hear grown men scared,” she wrote.”Only I and the children weren’t afraid… I DON’T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING BUT BREATHING!

Woman Climbs Into A Lion Enclosure In A Bold Display Of Stupidity | Bored  Panda

There is a thin line separating bravery and stupidity, and it was quickly noted that jumping into a lion’s den is a bad idea.

Not only does the woman remain inside the fence, but she also makes an effort to approach the lion and wave her arms in his direction.
However, the lion does not attack or even retaliate in an aggressive manner. He merely scans the area, seemingly asking the other lions, “Are you seeing this?”

Woman inexplicably jumps zoo fence to get up close with African lion

According to the woman’s Instagram remarks, the lion and she must have had a spiritual connection for this calm encounter to occur. But there was no doubt that she was in serious danger.



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