Sylvester Stallone Continues To Keep His Pet Turtles From “Rocky” Alive

Numerous iconic animal stars have appeared on film and television over the years. Because animal performers don’t get as much attention as their human co-stars, fans frequently ask, “Where are they now?”

Sylvester Stallone's Turtles From Rocky | POPSUGAR Celebrity
Sadly, the answer isn’t always the happiest if it’s an older film. The audience is forced to accept the fact that everyone in the cast of Homeward Bound has passed away because cats and dogs have shorter lives than people do.
Recent news that Cuff and Link, the turtles owned by the title character in 1976’s Rocky, are still alive as living performers, startled moviegoers.

Cuff and Link, unlike many movie pets, don’t steal the show or perform any tricks, yet they nonetheless left a lasting impression on the classic movie.

The 'Cuff' and 'Link' Turtles from Rocky are still Alive and still with  Stallone

They appear in a memorable scene as Rocky shows Adrian (from whom he bought the turtles) what he has in his apartment. Rocky had Adrian sell him the turtles.
Rocky, though, was released more than 40 years ago; while the majority of its stars are still living, it would be reasonable to believe the pets haven’t survived. Butkus, the real-life dog of Sylvester Stallone who appeared in the first two Rocky movies, passed away in 1981.

Rocky' co-stars Cuff and Link still alive and flippering in photo shared by Sylvester  Stallone – New York Daily News

But Cuff and Link are still alive and well—in fact, they’re sharing a home with their former co-star. Many devoted Rocky fans were shocked when Stallone posted a picture of the turtles on Instagram in May.
Additionally, the turtles are still actors and will continue to be associated with the Rocky movie series. In the Creed films, including Creed II from the previous year, the turtles reprised their roles as Rocky’s pets.

It’s good to see that, after all of Rocky’s championship fights, he was able to secure them a larger tank.

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