Elephant Follows a Woman Everywhere After She Saves Him

Animals are being removed from their native habitats much too frequently. The number of species that are in danger of going extinct keeps rising.
The number of people who believe that all wildlife belongs to them and is for sale is heartbreaking.


But happily, there are people who are willing to go above and beyond in more ways than one to rescue our lovely species.
Meet the heroic animal caregiver Roxy Danckwerst, who has spent the last 20 years helping ailing and abandoned animals. Moyo is  a young elephant that has taken over Roxy’s house and the rescue facility.

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Rangers discovered Moyo, which means “of the heart,” after she had been abandoned on the Zimbabwean beaches of Lake Kariba. She was just a few days old when she and her elephant family attempted to cross a flooding river and were both swept away.

A Woman Rescued a Baby Elephant, and Now He Loves Her So Much He Follows Her

Many newborn elephants have been nursed and given rehabilitation before being released back into the wild. But Roxy will take a little longer because he is scared of everything and is also sickly.
To earn his trust, animal rescuer Roxy even spent every night by his side. They are no longer able to be separated. He even lays down next to her on the couch.



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