34 Dogs Saved From the South Korean Trade in Dog Meat Arrive in the US To Be Adopted

Dogs are kept in harsh conditions and killed for food, whether they are stray animals or stolen pets.
Although it’s a dreadful fate, it’s encouraging to see that more and more individuals are speaking out against the cruel dog meat trade and saving its intended victims.

Recently, 34 dogs from meat farms were saved, and they will now live new lives in the United States.
34 dogs were rescued from dog meat farms in South Korea last week, according to a press release from the Humane Society of the United States, and they arrived at Washington Dulles International Airport this week.

Humane Society International/Korea was responsible for organizing the rescue. They are currently receiving therapy at a rehab facility.

“They will enjoy the love and comfort that the dog meat industry denied them.”

One million dogs are murdered in South Korea each year for their flesh. They spare  the pups with names like Romeo, Phoenix, and Brown Bear a horrifying death.

Nearly 200 Dogs Rescued from South Korea's Dog Meat Trade

These canines are kept in “squalid circumstances,” including barren metal cages. We can only hope that the dog meat trade will be permanently banned one day. But until then, we may find comfort in knowing that these 34 dogs are secure.

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