The Dog Approaches the Rescuers in Pain, Hoping To Flee His Miserable Existence

He knew the rescuers would be able to assist him when he heard them coming!

I still don’t understand why dog owners don’t intervene to protect their pets!
They actually never hurt anyone and are always kind. Leonard, a disadvantaged dog whose owner dumped him as trash, is the subject of this tale.
When rescuers discovered him, his terrible legs were so painfully inflamed that he struggled to move around. He also had scabies and was coated in fleas. He was brought to a rescue facility, where he was given a soothing bath and a healthy dinner.

Despite what had happened to him in the past, he began to trust others again after realizing that he had found an important love and was safe. To keep the puppy warm, his caregivers dressed him in little sweaters and coats.

He was later adopted by a kind woman who, upon seeing him in the shelter, fell head over heels in love with him. And he will always experience the affection he deserves and never again get into a fight.

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