The Weight Gained by This Dying Horse Exceeded 400 Pounds

A horse named Benny is four years old. He was dying from malnutrition. They delivered Benny to Last Stop Horse.A horse refuge in Prentiss, Maine, called The Last Stop Horse offers adoption and rehabilitation services.

 This Dying Horse Gained more Then 400 Pounds

The refuge restores health to abused, hungry, and neglected horses.
Benny was unable to stand by himself when he arrived at the sanctuary due to his extreme weakness. Even yet, he was only 526 pounds. Benny’s return to health was the one objective the LSHR personnel had for him. Even though they were aware that it was going to be difficult, they refused to give up.

They use a sling suspended from a barn beam to help him stand. To get him to start eating, they also gave him little portions of food at first. Benny’s hunger increased as the days went by, as did his strength. Even after two weeks of assistance, he stayed on his own.
Benny put on about 400 pounds in just six months. He returned as a sound horse.

Given his journey, it is difficult to imagine that this is the same animal. After almost passing away, he was given a lovely, healthy horse. Look at this remarkable change.

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