With the Help of Her Baby, Mother Elephant Prevents a Fatal Crocodile Attack

A mother elephant is attacked by a crocodile while she drinks from a river. The children claimed that as the mother lowers her trunk to sip water, a crocodile hiding in the water bites her.

Fortunately, the calf of the mother elephant is standing close by. She made the heroic decision to save the mother. The crocodile, however, does not allow the mother elephant an opportunity to defend herself. He tightened his hold on her trunk.

Crocodile vs Elephant HD - video Dailymotion

The infant elephant understands it needs to act to save its mother. The calf makes the decision to climb onto the reptile in order to increase the likelihood of its mother surviving.

Mother Elephant Stomps on Crocodile to Rescue Baby After the Predator  Attacks, Bites the Calf's Trunk [Watch] | Science Times
Eventually, the crocodile is unable to hold the baby elephant’s weight and its mother’s pull, so it releases the mother’s trunk and frees the elephant. How impressive is the infant elephant?

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