A Kind Dog Adopts a Baby Opossum After It Loses Its Mother in a Car Accident

One day, a stray opossum was brought to the Rare Species Fund, a South Carolina-based rescue facility. The young child was terrified after losing his mother.

It was difficult for the wild animal to survive without his mother and without anyone taking care of him when she died in a car accident.
The volunteers reported finding the little opossum climbing up onto his mother’s back. He was brought to the sanctuary, where they took care of him.

A miracle occurred at the temple. As soon as the white German Shepherd with the name Poncho was spotted, the staff members became aware of it. Hantu was the name of the German shepherd, and she let Poncho ride on her back. Together, they walked and engaged in playful activities.

Dog Adopts Orphaned Opossum

They both benefited from their relationship. When Hantu took her usual walks, she waited for Poncho and didn’t move until the opossum got on her back.

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