A 101-Year-old Woman Adopts a 20-Year-old Cat Who Was Abandoned at a Shelter—a Match Made in Heaven!

Here is evidence that there can be happy endings. Any animal lover will adore this adorable tale from the Humane Society of Satawba County, North Carolina.  GUS, a 19-year-old dog, was brought to the shelter in the middle of September after his former owner decided they could no longer care for him due to a problem.

20-year-old cat gets adopted by 101-year-old lady | LoveCATS World
The thought of his owner having to rehome their beloved cat would be upsetting to everyone, but they are unable to do otherwise due to unforeseen circumstances. His owner was heartbroken. And gratefully, Penny, a 101-year-old lady, was adopted by the council.

Gus was given a health screening when he arrived at the shelter. “We took Gus in and proceeded to do a health check and found that for being so young, Gus was in exceptional health,” said Jane Bowers. “Obviously, we would take good care of Gus, but living in a shelter is not ideal, especially in his case.”

Family Adopts Oldest Cat in Shelter for 101-Year-Old Woman
They received each and every unique request just a few weeks after the defendant checked into the shelter. The family of the 101-year-old woman “contracted with Shelter Skin to adopt a senior cat for their mother.” Although they had given her a plush cat because she had lately lost her own, she wasn’t happy with it because it didn’t purr.

Match Made in Heaven": This Family Adopted The Oldest Cat In A Shelter For  A 101-Year-Old Woman Looking For An Elderly Companion | Bored Panda

The chemistry between Gus and Penny was almost instantaneous, and the transition to the new house was quick for everyone. Gus is currently very content in his new home with the squirrels. When asked if Gus and Penny’s lives are going well, Bowers replies that Gus “made himself at home and is acting like a horse.”

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