After their mother dies, the young are taken under the wing of the loving father swan

A very loving father swan lives on the Charles River Esplanade in Boston, Massachusetts. He gave his children special attention.

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Swans choose their lifetime partner only once. It was quite difficult for this swan to get over the loss of his mate. The unfortunate swan passed away a few days after her eggs hatched, and the cause of death was unknown. The father then assumed care for his offspring.

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when Boston Animal Control visited the cygnets to inspect them. They experienced a unique event. The baby cygnets of the father swan gathered under his wings as he sat at the nest.

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Photographer Matthew Raifman captured beautiful scenes of a father swan swimming with his cygnets. The tender father carried his cygnets on his neck as they played and enjoyed themselves while swimming. The loving father tried his best to help his kids forget about their tragic mother’s passing.

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