A Very Uncommon Pink Manta Ray Was Photographed Underwater by an Australian Freediver

The underwater world is full of strange creatures and surprises. Before a deep dive, no one can truly imagine.

Kristian Laine, an Australian freediver and photographer, captured the most famous manga ray ever captured underwater. The species does not usually have a gray, black, or brown back.

The rare manta is pink in color. Everyone is shocked by its color since this strange creature looks like a character from a fairy tale.

Nobody is certain of the exact cause of this manta ray’s unusual coloring. The species is thought to have an uncommon pigmentation condition, according to biologists.


Manta rays typically grow to a maximum length of 4–5 meters, and this pink manta certainly looks stunning at that length.

According to Kristian, the pink manta’s other relatives didn’t keep their distance from it or do anything different. They calmly navigated the deep areas of the ocean with their special relative.

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