A Stray Dog Followed a Marine for More Than 70 Miles To Show Their Connection

Dogs and humans create close friendships all around the world.

 Stray Dog Followed A Marine Over 70 Miles To Prove They Were Meant To Be Together
A homeless puppy waited for someone to love him, even in the war-torn nation of Iraq. Although he had been wounded, had had his ears removed, and was without a name, he still held out hope that someone would come to his rescue.
The dog’s owner showed up one day with three Humvees that sputtered to a stop in the desert. Major Brian Dennis, a Marine, saw the dog and went over to him. He quickly gained the dog’s trust and began feeding the hungry pup, which he named Nubs.

Dennis recalled, “He just kind of jumped up, and I started playing with him as soon as I met him.” He simply kind of turned over when we first met. I began massaging his belly. Since the moment we met him, my entire team and I have bonded with him.
Nubs’ injuries were attended to, and he received affection, a warm bed, and food for the first time in his life. Although he came to adore the Major, destiny had other plans for the two new friends. Nubs was not permitted to accompany Major Dennis when he had to transfer to a new outpost.

The unfortunate circumstances didn’t deter the devoted Nubs from pursuing his Marine. Nubs followed his Humvee into the desert for 75 miles despite the bitter cold, intent on staying with Major Dennis.

Wild Dog Follows Marine For 70 Miles In Iraqi Wilderness, Just To Prove  He'd Be A Good Pet - The Veterans Site News

He started making preparations to transfer Nubs to San Diego because he couldn’t bear to part with the courageous dog.

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