When his beautiful friend arrived to pick him up from the hospital, the dog was shocked and delighted

Samantha Zimmer and George Dix, a wonderful couple, once came across a Facebook post regarding two pets in need. An unknown vehicle struck one of the dogs. The generous couple offered their services as foster parents for Lola’s Lucky Day Animal Rescue. They moved quickly to save the dogs.

Dog Is So Excited His Best Friend Came To Pick Him Up From Hospital - The  Dodo

The dogs were discovered in the roadway. Matthew, one of them, was hurt, and his devoted friend Corey was waiting on the side of the road to find someone and make a call for assistance. He began waving his tail and pointing to his pal in the ditch as soon as he saw the rescuers. It was challenging to get the dog out of the ditch because it was flooded with water and he was hurt.

 The dog got surprised and delighted when his lovely bud came to pick him up from the hospital

Matthew, the injured dog, was taken to the hospital by the rescuers along with the other canines.
Matthew began receiving the required care and was soon prepared to be moved to his foster family. He might continue his treatment there. He began waving his tail when he noticed that his friend Corey had arrived to take him to his foster home. They were overjoyed to see each other again and gave each other hugs and kisses.

They were soon divided since they required proper care and attention to recover more quickly. But the rescue shelter made an effort to place the adorable dogs in a permanent home. Finding a family to adopt them both is very important, so they don’t end up in the ditch again.

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