The Dog’s Reaction Is Too Sweet When Family Members Bring It To Say Goodbye to the Owner, Who Is in a Coma

Most individuals end up expressing their dogs’ final goodbyes when they cross the Rainbow Bridge. In this instance, the roles were reversed.
Ryan went to work as normal after waking up one day, only to have a brain hemorrhage and end up in the hospital. Brain scans revealed that the damage to his brain was far too severe for him to recover from after he fell into a coma.

While Ryan was away, his beloved dog Mollie remained at home, anticipating his return at any moment. The family of Ryan didn’t want Mollie to wonder why Ryan didn’t return from work that day for the rest of her life.

For Mollie to say farewell and perhaps come to terms with the fact that she would never see her father again, the family requested special clearance from the hospital.

Watch Heartbreaking Video of Dog Saying Goodbye to His Dying Owner


She cherishes the brief moment she has to say goodbye. Mollie is as content as can be expected, living with Ryan’s family right now.


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