Owner Dies, Leaving Three Dogs Outside His Home, Where They Cry for 18 Months

Fred, Ricky, and Ethel’s loving owner passed away, leaving the dogs without a place to call home. The three were left on the street like trash rather than being housed in a shelter.

 Owner Dies And Leaves 3 Dogs Outside His House Crying For 18 Months

The dogs lived in front of their house for 18 months in the hopes that their owners would come home.  They were unable to care for themselves.
When the rescue organization  learned of the pups’ condition, they instantly declared their readiness to assist. They were devastated to see these dogs, who had previously lived on the streets as beggars, when they first arrived in the neighborhood.

Fred paced around his old home. He resisted being let go and attacked his rescuers. When the poor man realized his rescuers were coming to save him, he gave up.

They later came across Ricky and Ethel while rummaging nearby. They were also saved following a protracted struggle! The three were brought to a shelter, where, for the first time in more than a year, they could relax on a couch.

They are all currently living with foster families. They hugged one another while crying and holding out hope for a better future. They are currently looking for their permanent homes.

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