She Appeared To Have Given up When I Looked Into Her Eyes, but She Had Little Chance of Being Saved

The gray-faced, black Lab mix who was 14 years old and sitting in a kennel at Dallas Animal Services had a bewildered expression on her face.
Some of her gloomy backstory was revealed on her kennel card. After Thanksgiving, her previous owner allegedly dropped her off at the shelter with the request that she be put to death.
The poor dog had problems walking and was thin. She was heartworm-positive and only had two teeth.

As soon as they learned about the puppy, rescuers and animal lovers began posting about her online.
And Crowley, Texas, resident Tommy Bull was astounded when he read about the dog.
Bull told The Dodo that she appeared to have given up when he gazed into her eyes. “She was a geriatric, heartworm-positive black dog with little prospect of being saved.” A lot of people surrender their dogs to shelters during the holidays, which is one of the worst periods of the year for dogs.

Bull got in touch with CAMO Rescue, and they set him up to pick up the dog from the shelter. She was a little unsteady, so the workers took her out to me, he explained. “I reached out and gave her a tight hug.” She needed to know that she was secure. I was immediately in love with her.

He helped her into his car and drove home, where Bull’s wife quickly developed a bond with her. Short for Henrietta, they gave her the name Ettie. She was introduced to our other rescue dogs and had no issues because of the attention she received, according to Bull.

In the Bulls’ house, the senior girl grew. Ettie also began taking medication for her arthritis and heartworms.


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