After a Lifetime of Suffering, 33 Circus Lions Return to Africa

After a lifetime of suffering and mistreatment while touring circuses in Peru and Colombia, 33 former circus lions are now feeling the African sun on their backs and grass beneath their feet. Following an astounding rescue operation by Animal Defenders International, the lions made the extraordinary journey back to their original habitat (ADI).

 33 Circus Lions Return Home To Africa After A Lifetime Of Misery

In order to secure and save the animals, they frequently worked with SWAT squads and riot police. They then had to return the lions to their rescue facilities from far-off locations in the Andes.

It was an undertaking that required 18 months to complete! 33 lions were among the 100 animals that were spared. These magnificent large cats have undergone a lifetime of pain from being imprisoned in small cages, treated poorly, and disfigured.

They were flown back to Africa, where they originally came from, according to plans made. Sadly, due to their physical state, the lions will never be able to survive on their own. Many have had their teeth broken and claws removed. Tim stated in an interview that although they could return home, they couldn’t return to the wild.

The lions will spend the remainder of their lives at the Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary in Vaalwater, South Africa, in harmony and freedom.

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