Her Time Was Running Out as She Was Confined to a Tiny Cage at a Dog Meat Farm

All Emily had ever known was the cramped quarters of a small, dirty cage at a South Korean dog meat facility.
She was in terrible shape, living in oscillation, with raw, bloated. Since she was never treated for her severe mange, which resulted in her losing the majority of her hair, it just became worse. Emily’s illnesses were the least of her issues. Fortunately, rescuers from the Humane Society of the United States stepped in to prevent Emily from being killed for meat.


Rescuers first saw her when they arrived at the meat farm on a sweltering July day. Along with the additional 130 canines that were also stranded at this horrible farm with her, they arrived just in time to save her from this ordeal. They hurried Emily to a nearby veterinary clinic, where she was evaluated and given treatment for her problems.


You would never guess she was the same dog by looking at her now. She has undergone the most remarkable transformation and grown into the most gorgeous dog, inside and out.


She recently moved in with her new family and is currently enjoying every second of it there. Now she has a big backyard to run around in. Despite everything, she has made new dog friends and is extremely friendly and outgoing with everyone she encounters.

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