An unwanted blind dog abandoned in a parking lot during a storm tried to raise her head as cars drove by

The owner of this elderly dog decided she wasn’t worth his time and abandoned her in the rainy parking lot of a church.
In Houston, Texas, local rescuers responded to the good Samaritan’s call and arrived right away. The rescuers had already noticed how terribly injured the unfortunate dog, which they had named Lucy, was. Every bone in her body was visible, and her eyes were weeping from infection.

 Unwanted Blind Dog Left In Lot During Storm Tried To Raise Her Head As Cars Pass

When Lucy was sent to a veterinary facility, she was classified as a hospice patient. She had diabetes, the veterinarian added. The rescuers sobbed, wishing they had been able to take Lucy in right away. But at least now she could live out her days in peace and with the attention she deserved.

The rescue team made contact with a woman they believed would be ideal for Lucy. She would make a good foster home for her because she has experience in hospice care. During her visit to Lucy at the veterinarian, the woman said that she would formally adopt Lucy, allowing her to live out the remainder of her days with her new family.

Seizures started happening to Lucy. Given her declining health, the veterinarian made sure she was as comfortable as possible. She was unable to walk by herself, but her mother and new human pals made sure she spent time resting in the grass and taking advantage of the sunshine.
When Lucy eventually crossed the rainbow bridge, her new family found solace in the knowledge that she left this world feeling loved and wanted.

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