After Eleven Years of Street Sleeping, a Dog Finally Finds a New, Happy Life

A stray dog’s life that had been wandering the streets of Los Angeles for more than 11 years suddenly changed one day.

He enjoyed taking a nap on different porches of the houses. And every time he was on a woman’s porch, she fed him. The dog remained stationary and did not move. The dog was later brought to the San Francisco shelter after the woman called Rocket Dog Rescue.

Unfortunately, the dog was unable to find a permanent residence and spent nearly six months moving from one foster home to another. But as soon as Carol Messina saw a picture of the puppy on Facebook, she fell in love.

So she made the choice to adopt him. She gave him the name Solovino, which is short for Solo and means “he arrived alone.”
All these years, the woman provided him with all the love and care he needed. But she realized the dog was deaf when she discovered he didn’t respond to any voices. Despite this, Messina and the woman continued to take care of him, cheer him up, and make him happy.

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