Dog Returns to Owner After Being Gone for Eight Years in an Emotional Reunion

One day, Steve left his dogs in the yard as he briefly went inside the house. The dogs had vanished by the time he returned. It later emerged that they ran to the nearby farm, where the owner shot two of them.

Kavik fled, but Konan died there and then. In all possible ways, Steve looked for the dog, but he was unsuccessful. And just when he was about to forget about the puppy, he received a call. Kavik was discovered far away.

After his dog had been missing for eight years, Steve hurried to confirm whether it was actually his dog. It was him, much to everyone’s surprise.

The dog leaped up and licked the man during the reunion, showing his sincere love and devotion.

 Dog missing for 8 years instantly recognizes his owner in emotional reunion

The dog was transported to the vet, where it was discovered that he was underweight and dehydrated. However, he was receiving his treatment and would soon feel better.

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