Woman discovers her dog after searching for a puppy to adopt. 2-years-ago

When Aisha Nieves from Pennsylvania learned that her cherished dog Kovu had gone missing, she initially believed she was having a nightmare. Because she cherished him so much, she became distressed at the chance of losing contact with him.

She looked virtually everywhere in Allentown for the dog but failed. She wanted could greet her when she got home and give her a kiss. However, she was unsuccessful in her search for her dog because his dog had not left any signs.

However, miracles actually happen in our lives.  Aisha chose to adopt a new dedicated pet after two years.

She began going through Human Society’s adoption lists. And what a pleasant surprise it was for Aisha to recognize a name on the list. Kovu was one of the animals available for adoption. Aisha’s heart began to beat more and more quickly.

She related her tale over the phone to Human Society. And then, a few hours later, there was the heartwarming reunion. When they first met, Kovu leaped on her after recognizing his owner. They began exchanging kisses and hugs.

Aisha vowed to never again give him free rein.

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