With Every Ounce of Might in Their Three-day-Old Bodies, They Sob From a Ditch

In Dillon County, South Carolina, sheriff Douglas Pernell had enough of those who tortured animals. He presented them with an original thought. When Pernell discovered what had happened to a litter of 3-day-old puppies in his county, that was the last straw. As the previous director of a nearby animal shelter, Pernell is all too familiar with the abandoned and mistreated animals in his community. He thinks he has at last discovered a way to reduce the number of harmed animals.

 They Cry From A Ditch With Every Ounce Of Strength In Their 3-Day-Old Bodies

A worker at an animal shelter found something in a ditch. The object turned out to be a litter of 12 puppies, just a few days old, upon closer investigation. The puppies were abandoned in the ditch by an unsympathetic man. He simply left them standing. If no one found them, they would have definitely perished. Two of the puppies sadly passed away. The remaining 10 puppies were taken to the neighborhood shelter. They were filthy and had worms crawling all over their tiny bodies.

As happened last weekend, I hope we can persuade people not to dump their pets in ditches, abandoned buildings, or by the side of the road. I hope we will be able to educate them. Sheriff Douglas Pernell said.

Thankfully, all 10 puppies received bottle feedings. They are doing well and have already recovered. Elected officials are looking into the situation in the meantime and are hoping someone will come forward with more information.


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