Before passing away, an abandoned old dog with paralysis encounters the water and genuine love

The German shepherd’s heart was meant to die in utter abandonment. To allow for the normal development of his lifestyle, the infant had been left in an ancient house. Fortunately, the ambitions of the previous owners did not come to pass. The Bitonto-based animal rights group’s members were adamant about becoming involved.


Heart was paralyzed and walking down the streets looking for food when she was baptized with the help of her rescuer, Gianna Serena Manfredi. The hairy one would return to the old house where they had left him at night in the proper manner. This child was going through a very difficult time at that point. The volunteers tried to help Heart regain his mobility before they could save him. Despite the fact that his backbone’s swelling had already gotten worse, they temporarily used a wheelchair.


There was nothing they could do to bring the dog back to health, so they decided to make the last days of the canine as pleasant as possible. The woman wanted her heart to experience what true love was like up close before she left this planet.

The Samaritan woman decided to provide him with a really dignified and peaceful ending. Gianna made it possible for the dog to experience the purest, most rejuvenating breeze while lying on his mattress and to learn about the ocean.


When Heart first saw the sea, he was entirely immobile on his hind legs, but his caregivers urged him to feel the dead water a little.

Gianna proved that love can triumph over all odds by overcoming the unspeakable suffering that Heart endured.

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