After Going Days Without Food or Water, This Strange-looking Deer Is Saved

If you have never seen a wild deer, you may have the impression that they are unusual, exotic animals.
However, when he noticed an animal unlike anything he had ever seen before. The beast appeared in the darkness. Its legs stubby and its body brown and downy. Like a soap bubble or an astronaut’s helmet, it had a circular head.

On closer inspection, the strange creature turned out to be a young deer that got into trouble. Not only had the young deer put its head in a heavy glass shell, but it was also moving on its own.

The MCSPCA and NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife were immediately dispatched in response to the resident’s plea for assistance.

The rescue team got to work after putting the deer to sleep. We took the glass cup out. It was discovered to be a lamp cover.  The deer sought to reach water from it. It had some abrasions and was dehydrated after going four days without food or drink. This was probably because of its impaired vision. After  cleaning him up and the anaesthetic wore off, he was able to stand up and flee.

He was very dehydrated. After administing  the fluid, his head slowly began to awaken and his breathing resumed normally.
The deer were eventually prepared to leave after a difficult winter and some problems with the light fixture.

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