Mom Announces to the Family That Their Cat Has Passed Away, but When the Animal Appears, She Realizes She Actually Buried a Rabbit.

When Cheryl’s husband saw their cat’s body on the highway, he assumed that Kitty had been struck by a vehicle.

They buried their pet cat in their garden after he called his wife.

Kitty was sitting in their house after a few hours, though. The cat was puzzled as to why Cheryl was so thrilled but also surprised. She was taken aback by the excitement and wonder of the family.

To identify the animal and notify its owners, the family took the animal’s buried bones to a veterinarian. It was determined after examinations that it was a rabbit. But Cheryl forbade the bunny from entering.

She said they would bury the rabbit there because the hole was already prepared. The family so buried the rabbit in its hole a second time. The rabbit is currently dozing off in Schmidt’s family’s backyard.

Even though Cheryl demanded that no one know, his son posted the story and it quickly became popular.

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