A Woman Cries, “I Don’t Even Know How She’s Still Alive,” as She Picks Her Up

In this heart-wrenching tale, rescuers approach a dog that was tethered to an abandoned building.

They knew they wouldn’t leave Frances behind the moment they spotted her, a Pit Bull that was evidently through a lot. Whatever they had to do, they did! Frances had been brutally chained to this structure with the express purpose of starving her to death. Who is able to be so cruel? The chain was broken when the animal hero quickly located her.

Frances was placed in the backseat of the vehicle. Her massive chains are dangling. Rescuers were unable to immediately push it off. Francis is quite slender, as you may see. She had ticks and fleas all over her. Simply heartbreaking, Francis was taken to the center by rescuers. As soon as they hurry her inside, they shout for the veterinarian. They were aware of her limited time left. They had no patience!

The following months were demanding. Frances needed a specialist to remove both of her eyes. She followed a strict diet and gradually gained weight. But despite everything, Frances never stopped grinning because she knew she was protected and loved. She was provided foster care by one of France’s rescuers.

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