The Zebra and Rhino Calf That Were Both Abandoned Have Healed One Another and Can’t Stop Cuddling at Night.

Only a few hours old, weak, and abandoned, Daisy was discovered in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.
She was sent to the intensive care unit of the nearby sanctuary, where the caregivers took care of her as she recovered.

Daisy needs round-the-clock attention, including feeding and therapy, to keep her immune system and body temperature at healthy levels.

Following Daisy’s admission, her future best buddy also arrived.

When Bowker reported that “Modjadji was brought to the sanctuary’s ICU at the end of November after being found immobile and hardly breathing on the reserve following severe rains and storms.” The sanctuary’s media contact stated that “Modjadji was thought to be just a week old.”
They became one another’s family and developed a deep bond very quickly.

Their curiosity overcame them as they gained courage and strength. They began interacting with one another, according to Bowker.

“Rhinos need friendship since they are very social creatures. Daisy loves having Modjadji around and finds him to be quite affectionate.

Orphaned Baby Zebra And Rhino Calf Healed Each Other And Cant Stop Cuddling  At Night - Kingdoms TV

Daisy feels safe and secure since they cuddle at night. With Modjadji on her side around the clock, Daisy is shielded from having too much human contact.

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