Jogger comes across a badly injured dog and drags herself over to help her

Read this heartwarming update to find out how this poor soul handled all the difficulties!
When a jogger in Atlanta, Georgia, discovered Lilac curled up under a car, she was fighting for her life with a broken jaw and an injured paw. The dog was viciously attacked by other dogs and unidentified individuals. She was out to meet them, however, when the Good Samaritan came. The dog appeared to be aware of her survival.

She was taken to the clinic by Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs from New York, where she received prompt emergency care. Additional veterinary investigations showed that Lilac not only had a fractured jaw and a severely wounded leg, but also had abdominal injuries from a bullet that was lodged inside of her.
Lilac waggled her tail whenever anyone looked at her, in spite of her wounds.
Amazingly, Lilac made it through every difficult day.

There is always a way where there is a will. She is truly lovely and adorable; her cuteness rescue is unique.The NYC Dogs of Second Chance Rescue.

She is the type of dog that requires you to take a moment to relax, sit down, and accept your relationship with complete openness. Despite having lived in agony and tragedy, she still desires to be loved, generous, and connected.
Her legs were beyond saving, but the veterinarians did wonders to heal the rest of her. Even though Lilac only has three legs left, she is making progress.

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